Saturday, May 5, 2012

So... "What Does Math Mean?"

So... you are probably wondering if I am going to answer the question "What Does Math Mean?". Well, that is a good question. Math is in our daily life whether we realize it or not. You may be doing math right by wondering if you have enough time to read the rest of this post. Or sitting there thinking, "geez, my posture is really bad. I know my back isn't perpendicular to the ground".
Or, you may be like me and as you are mowing your lawn you wonder at what distance will my vision be a 30 degree angle to the ground!

I know, its truly an amazing depiction of me.

More importantly, how do you know you are "doing math"! Simple, when you are about to walk up a set of steps starting with your left foot, and you ask yourself, "will I take my last step with my right or left foot?" Along with this, I might ask, "what number of steps will always make me start with the left and end with the left?" So the next time you find yourself asking questions like these you can also ask, "is this what math means?"