Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Bike Ride... not really

Well, the other day I took a bike around our block. I usually have a speedometer with me but since I know the block and I roughly know my average I didn't bring it. Except this time I took my wife's gps with me. I have been using the gps on some morning walks. I have been taking it because I am really interested to see my path on the computer after I downloaded the info from the gps. So, after a couple of miles I got to thinking which would give me the most accurate distance, my wife's gps or my bike computer. What an interesting thought, I am sure you all are thrilled to read this. After some mental disagreements I realized that after my ride I could also drive my car on the route and then average all three distances and then go on Google maps to see which would be most accurate, one of the three measured distances or the average of all three. Heck I don't know what you are thinking but that is a lot of work just for accuracy. Then I got to contemplating "does accuracy really matter to me?" I decided the heck with it. I won't drive the car and I'll just have a good stinkin' ride, right? Two months later.... Back to writing this blog. To further complicat things I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 500 (a really expensive piece of plastic that tells you where you are). I guess I telling you this because I do believe that we all have some interest in math and we may not know we are performing "math". So until next time, try to discern if you are doing " math" when you are contemplating wonderful daily thoughts.